Wow! What a night...

So, I was going to a basketball game tonight with Fal. We headed to Dallas at around one in the afternoon after running a bunch of errands. We did a few more things in Dallas and then finally headed out. We were going with my friend Virginia too. She came over and we left at about four. We caught the Dart rail at almost 4:30 and went to downtown. First, we were going to go to American Airlines Center and get our tickets and then we planned to go to TGI Friday's and get some dinner before going to the game. Instead of getting off at the West End and catching a train to Victory station from there, we decided to keep going to Union station and catch the Trinity Railway Express instead to Victory. Well, we start to leave when they announce that the next stop is Market Medical Center, not Victory. So we get off there, and we're waiting for a train to get there and take us back to Union. In the meantime, Virgina calls and finds out that TRE Westbound does not make stops at Victory until after six. At this time it was not quite 5:30. She finds out though that TRE Eastbound does stop at Victory starting at 4:45. So we get on the train going Eastbond and get off at Victory.

With me so far? Now the count is two different rail lines and three train trips.

So, we get to the AAC and get our tickets and then head back to the West End to get something to eat. Except as it turns out that the special direct line from Victory to West End does not start running until seven. So we catch the TRE to Union then the red line to West End and finally get to dinner. Now we are still on two different rail lines but five train trips.

Next, after dinner, we head to the game. We had just watched tipoff in the restaurant so we know we are a little late. We catch the special direct line and get to the AAC and go inside to find our seats. The first thing someone tells us when we ask him where our seats are is that it's a good thing we have glasses cause we'll need them. Turns out we are on the third level. That's okay though, cause for ten dollars, they are pretty good seats. So, we settle in and enjoy the game. Dallas Mavericks versus the Milwaukee Bucks. Mavs win 114-95. GO MAVS!!!!

Okay, so far, not bad. We leave the AAC right after the game ended and head with the several hundred others towards the train. First we get on a TRE train that is standing there and we figure should be heading to Union station at least. Luckily we end up asking someone and it turns out it's headed the other way towards Irving. BAD!!! We take off quickly, since the train should be leaving soon and manage to jump off and get back on the right platform. We wait a little while until a train finally pulls in and end up packed on a train with tons of people and we are standing in the little hall where the trains connect. There were so many people, we had to hold onto each other and pulled each other to make sure we stayed together. Finally we are headed to West End.

Then, as the train is leaving, they announce that when we get to West End, anyone who is heading North should go and catch a bus that will be waiting to take us to Pearl station. This makes no sense since there is a train leaving from West End that goes through Pearl. Finally the guys standing next to us explain. One of them got a call from his wife saying that a truck had hit a train and so it was shut down in between. So, we take the train to West End, get off at West End, hold hands tightly as we get from the train to the bus and then wait while one bus leaves and another shows up. At first they tell us the bus is for Southbound people. When it becomes obvious there is no one going Southbound, they allow us to get on. Now we are crammed on a bus with more than fifty people (closer to seventy five probably) and I feel like a sardine in a can without the water to wiggle around in. It takes about ten minutes to get to Pearl station. When we get off, to our left is the accident (which looked pretty bad though thankfully there was only minor injuries) and to the right is the station. We get to the station, wait another fifteen minutes, and finally our train shows up where we proceed to pack ourselves in like sardines again. This wouldn't be so bad if after ten minutes of sitting on the packed train, half the lights go out suddenly. We spend the next 20 to 30 minutes (at least) sitting on the track at Pearl with a packed train, waiting to go. According to another passenger they had to adjust some tracks because of the accident so we waited it out. We finally pulled back into our station at 11:30.

Final count:

8 different train rides
3 different rail lines... (red, blue and trinity)
1 very uncomfortable bus ride
Memories from one hell of an adventure... PRICELESS!!!!

So now, it is 1:30 in the morning and tomorrow I start another exciting semester... MY LAST as an undergraduate student. If you're lucky, I may even update. But for now, that was definitely the most memorable way to kick off a new semester.

So off to bed I go...
Till the next adventure...
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This day could not have been more random. First, I had a test at eight this morning. When did I wake up? At 8:15. I jump out of bed like in the movies when they have a nightmare. I proceed to wake Fal up to ask her if she thinks I should go to class or get in touch with my teacher since I am going to be so late. She tells me to just get ready fast and go. I get to my test at 8:35 and by 9:00 I'm back in my room. Strangely, I actually think I did really well. I came back here, got my stuff for my next class and went to get breakfast before heading over to my next class. So things are fine until I go to hebrew where my teacher tells us our test is postponed until next week. I know what you're thinking "what's wrong with you, this is a good thing". I know, it's a great thing. Until you add the fact that since the fourth week of school, I have had at least one test per week. By moving the test to next week, my teacher has insured that now for the next five weeks I will continue to have at least one test a week. YUCH... Oh well, I'm gonna at least enjoy the rest of this week without any tests.

Till next time,
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College is wet!!!

Well, I'm bored so I have decided to update again. Let's see, what has happened. Last week kinda sucked cause I had a Finance exam on Monday and a Law exam on Wednesday, so I spent every waking second from Sunday morning studying. I was reciting Law facts and amendments all day on Tuesday. That was finally over, then I just had to wait till Friday for my grades. :( I got a 72 in Finance, which sucked because I did actually work hard on the cheat sheet for it (that is allowed, our teacher lets us have a cheat sheet with any formulas that we think we may need) but too bad, there are still two more tests and we get to drop one of them so all is good. On the other hand, I did get a 94 in Law which rocks. She said that her classes usually average about a 70 and our class averaged about an 81 so that's definitely good for me. That was finally over and I got to go home for the weekend.

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I wanted a boyfriend, I got two husbands...

I'm supposed to be studying for my Law exam but don't want to so I finally decided to update again about my rather strange weekend. So I go home on Friday because it's Yom Kippur and we have dinner and start our fast, that's just fine and all. I sleep until about three (not really, I was awake most of the morning but refused to get up) just to kill time until we break fast and finally get up but couldn't really concentrate on homework because when you're hungry and thirsty it's not easy to pay attention to Finance (yuch). I basically spend the afternoon doing nothing and finally go take a shower and get ready so we can go to the Rabbi's house where we were going to break fast. So things are great, we're hanging out, talking, eating (at last) whatever...

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Strange college experience took on a whole new meaning today

I'll just start by saying I blame it all on Fal and Juan... But we'll get back to that later. I'll start from last night when Fal, Mia and I went to stirfry like we always do on Thursdays. It was good, as always, and we actually got noodles this time (way to go Fal) so that was cool. Then as we sat down, they had this band on stage, which Fal swears was probably the administration or the music teachers or something. They were pretty good actually except they were playing all this oldies music we all knew and we were singing along to it and so later I had this huge jumble of oldies songs in my head. It was fun though. After that Mia and I came back here and attempted to pretty up my journal (I got to pick purdy colors). Mia kept fighting with Fal's computer cause it doesn't like her but we finally finished that. When Mia left, I changed into pajamas and lay down to watch Jay Leno and I would have gone to sleep earlier but he had animals on. He had this really cute baby chimp that was only 5 months old so now I want a baby chimp. Anyway, finally just as I am about to go to sleep, Fal and Juan get back. Like I said, I blame them for this.

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